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Market Overview

Newsstand sales today is a rewarding and challenging business where a competitive publishing environment and fragmented marketplace require constant monitoring and analysis. But even with more choice on the newsstands than ever before, consumers have become more selective, but also more loyal, in their reading patterns.

With representatives continually monitoring the North American and world market conditions, RCS helps publications effectively penetrate the appropriate markets through both the Direct-to-Retail and I.D. wholesaler networks. In the past, certain specialty publications have grown from initial draws of under 5,000 through the direct-to-retail network and a few wholesalers, to over 100,000 copies per issue through the entire mass-market wholesale network.
Publisher Services

RCS is a company of experienced professionals who work to eliminate the uncertainties and frustrations often associated with distribution. Giving individual consideration to each publication's needs, RCS exploits all avenues of magazine distribution with the goal of maximizing sales and increasing worldwide exposure.

With a strong catalog of high-quality titles in all genres, RCS has earned a reputation as a formidable provider of services for both general as well as special interest titles. Ever sensitive to the needs of smaller publishers, RCS has the flexibility to build sales at a pace concurrent with a particular budget and growth plan.
Sales & Marketing

RCS's field marketing team is strategically located across the Americas and the world. Supported by a Los Angeles office marketing staff, many diverse assets assist publishers in launching or working their publications into the World market for all classes of trade, including supermarkets, drug, convenience, terminal, newsstand, bookstore, gift shop, department, military, and specialty accounts.
Our Services

Our services include:
  • Tiered marketplace coverage into bookstores, high volume retailers, small stores and specialty locations.
  • Foreign distribution.
  • Circulation building within targeted market areas.
  • Market analysis and distribution planning.
  • Solicitations and telemarketing.
  • Online agency order regulation.
  • Securing of retail authorizations and marketing programs.
  • Regional marketing blitzes and special promotions.
  • Title representation at trade shows and industry conferences.
  • Consultation with publishers on all aspects of marketing, printing, and shipping.
  • Co-op publisher advertising and printing source contacts.
  • Bipad ordering/changes.
  • Plus much more...
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